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Transparency and traceability is at the core of achieving Net Zero, and we at Tokere are finally enabling this through our tokenisation solutions.

We provide time-stamped evidence to the lifecycle of carbon credits and clean energy, to enable informed decisions. The tokenised carbon credits provide an immutable digital record with a real-time verifiability feature built into the tokens.

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Our unique solution of tokenising lifecycles of energy and carbon offsets, backed by a tamper-proof blockchain QR provides the critical risk mitigation essential to prevent fraud, fakes and duplicates.

Prafulla Agarwal

CEO Speak

A game changer in the carbon markets, transforming the supply chain of green offsets

75+ years of founders’ experience in carbon markets, advanced technologies and leading solutions delivering traceability, transparency and sanctity’ to carbon markets

We underline the required sanctity to your decarbonisation results. Our unique approach of fractional ownerships democratising access to renewable energy and carbon credit projects ensures we have a solution for needs of every size, scale and spread. TREEs, our tokens, equip you with compelling real-time evidence of ownership.

  • Experienced leadership
  • Compelling vision for carbon markets.
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