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We provide authenticity for the full spectrum of decarbonisation services. Our tokens, TREEs present a tamper-proof digital identity on blockchain for carbon credits and renewable energy production. Developers will benefit with this transparency in securing clients and investors.

A highly unique tokenisation solution for carbon and renewable energy developers enables a 360 degree transparency of the production process that has generated the credits. Such a tamper-proof traceability delivers ‘assurance’ to consumers and investors alike in the project leading to accelerated adoption. Projects include renewable energy, nature-based carbon projects, electric vehicles, etc..

Traceable generation

  • Create a unique tamper-proof digital identity for the producing assets
  • Record the quantities of production and assignment to consumers
  • Transparently match the production with consumer contracts
  • Trace lifecycle of production till transfer to the consumption
Share the project you would like to develop such as renewable energy, carbon credits or electric vehicles
Leverage our tokenisation technology and create a unique tamper-proof identity for the development lifecycle
Support your development record with this unique and tamper-proof digital identity - TREEs

Immutable digital identity assigned to your claims.

We provide authenticity to the decarbonisation actions by enabling transparent data sharing between stakeholders with a tamper-proof traceability of the climate positive actions undertaken.
Tokenising Renewable Energy Transactions

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Power purchase agreements

Unbundled I-RECS

Tokenising Carbon Credit Transactions

Pre-purchase development

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