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Tokere Strength

What We Do

Our mission is to deliver a digital infrastructure for bringing sanctity to the carbon markets so that stakeholders can make informed decisions backed by real-time transparency, traceability and verifiability.

In the midst of an environment crisis, when every green step matters, we are strengthening it with ‘data integrity. So whether you are an individual or an enterprise, our offering of a flexible, tamper-proof, evidence backed mechanism to the carbon markets will ensure you have an audit-ready record of your decarbonisation.

Delivering integrity

  • Transparently showcasing lifecycle of carbon credits and clean energy transactions.
  • Setting standards for credible claims of decarbonisation and climate positive actions.
  • Delivering real-time proof to back claims of emissions reduction.
  • Democratising decarbonisation actions for large scale adoption to protect our planet.

Why choose us

We offer smart and sustainable solutions converging climate actions with blockchain to deliver irreversible proof of decarbonisation across its lifecycle from production to consumption.

We aim to solve the key issues that are affecting the integrity of voluntary carbon markets for developers and consumers.

1. Transparency for informed decision making in genuine credits with confidence.
2. Verifiability of the transactions supported by real-time, tamper-proof codes.
3. Flexibility for accelerated adoption irrespective of size, scale and spread.

Ready for better future?

  • Traceable transactions
  • Tamper-proof data in perpetuity
  • Unique digital identity for every transaction
  • Real-time verifiable code
  • Carbon pooling with fractional solutions
Our philosophy
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