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Our services

We provide authenticity for the full spectrum of decarbonisation services. Our tokens, TREEs present a tamper-proof digital identity on blockchain for carbon credits and renewable energy investments. Investors will have full transparency and security for their investments.

An assurance based tokenisation solution for investors to protect and grow their investments in climate positive actions. The automated tracking of production to consumption lifecycle, unique digital identity on blockchain and tokenisation delivering immutable tokens, TREEs, investors can rest assured that their funds are secure and auditable.

Protect investments

  • Digital representation of the investment validating transactional history and ownership
  • Decentralised, secure and transparent system ensuring every transaction is recorded and verifiable
  • Investments are secure and ownerships rights protected
  • Transparent record of funds utilisation ensuring high integrity in carbon markets
Establish your offset project or identify the renewable energy or carbon credit you want to invest
Leverage our tokenisation technology and create a unique tamper-proof identity for the investments
Support your decarbonisation claims / ESG reports with unique and tamper-proof digital identity - TREEs

Immutable digital identity assigned to your claims.

Automated data inputs or verified with audited results, our blockchain powered digital identity provides the required ‘traceability’ for your investments in reducing emissions.
Tokenising Renewable Energy Transactions

Renewable energy generation projects

Tokenising Carbon Credit Investments

Investments into emission reduction projects